REMINDER:  Welfare Plan Divorce Rule

There are rules in the Welfare Plan that, if you aren’t aware of them, could cost you a great deal of money . . . and even cause you to lose your welfare benefits. One of the rules that participants sometimes forget is that YOU MUST CONTACT THE FUND OFFICE IF YOU GET DIVORCED OR LEGALLY SEPARATED.

The reason for this is that when you get divorced or legally separated, your ex-spouse is no longer eligible for welfare coverage. If you don’t tell the Fund Office about your divorce, and your
ex-spouse continues to use your welfare benefits, YOU (not your ex-spouse) will be responsible for premium expense and/or claims that are paid after the divorce, plus interest and expenses. If it is determined that a fraud has been committed, your benefits could be suspended and you could face legal prosecution.

If you are getting divorced you may also want to consider changing your pension and annuity beneficiary designations. Contact the Fund Office at (212)247-5225 and we will walk you through any changes that you may need to make or consider.

Remember that as a participant in the Welfare, Pension and Annuity Plans, you are responsible for knowing the rules of the Plans. You should have copies of the Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs). If you can’t find your SPD copies, you can review them online at, or request paper copies from the Fund Office.




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