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The Annuity Fund of Local No. One, I.A.T.S.E. was established in 1980 to provide retirement benefits to the Local No. One membership. Under the Plan, an individual account is established for each participant, and these accounts are funded through employer contributions. Participants are able to direct how the contributions being made to their accounts are invested by choosing from a selection of available mutual fund investments. The accounts are managed for the Annuity Fund by Empower.

Using Empower's website you have the ability to manage your annuity account. In addition to checking your account balances and performance, you can research the available investment options, and make changes to how your account balance and future contributions are invested. The site also includes tools for helping you create an investment mix that is tailored to your situation and investment goals.

To register on Empower's website click the register button and choose I do not have a PIN. Follow the prompts to create a username and password. 

You can call 1-833-569-2433 for assistance.

For information regarding distribution types and options, and other aspects of the Annuity Plan, click on the subjects listed on the left.

News, Notes and Links

    • Visit Empower's website to get information and manage your Annuity account.
    • Learn more about your eligibility for a annuity distribution.
    • Please note that nothing on this website is intended to interpret, extend or change in any way the provisions expressed in the Summary Plan Description and any other Plan documents. If you have any questions regarding your particular situation, please contact the Fund Office for more information.

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